Research Program

Tuesday Links

  1. How the pandemic defeated America (The Atlantic).
  2. The occult, terrorising politics of QAnon (The New Republic).
  3. Can America weaken the Russia-Iran axis? (RAND Corporation).
  4. The tactics and targets of domestic terrorists (CSIS).
  5. Nursing home networks and COVID-19 (Marginal Revolution).
  6. Trump Says TikTok Must Sell U.S. Arm by Sept. 15, or Close (Bloomberg).
  7. Trump drops opposition to Microsoft bid for TikTok (Financial Times).
  8. What are police like in other countries? (Council on Foreign Relations).
  9. The second act of social media activism (The New Yorker).
  10. Did Mike Pompeo mislead Congress about Syria’s oil? (National Interest).

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