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Thursday Links

  1. Kamala Harris gives new meaning to the Biden campaign (The New Yorker).
  2. How the pandemic revealed Britain’s national illness (The Atlantic).
  3. If Donald Trump can’t make history, he’ll steal it instead (The New Republic).
  4. It’s not the military’s job to remove Trump from office if he won’t leave (Slate).
  5. The furious hunt for the MAGA bomber (Wired).
  6. Delivery wars (Rest of the World).
  7. The Vice President and foreign policy (Council on Foreign Relations).
  8. Elevating women peacebuilders amidst COVID-19 (CSIS).
  9. Progress and challenges implementing the national defence strategy (Hudson Institute).
  10. Economic diplomacy: a call to syringes, not arms (Lowy Interpreter).

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