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Wednesday Links

  1. The plan that could give us our life back (The Atlantic).
  2. Sixty seconds to self-sabotage (New York Magazine).
  3. Can democracy handle charisma? (The New Republic).
  4. Tech IPOs flourish in China amid tensions with U.S. (Bloomberg).
  5. This is the textbook’s time to shine (Slate).
  6. The luxe quarantine lives of Silicon Valley’s elite (Vanity Fair).
  7. Robinhood now worth $US11.2 billion (Forbes).
  8. The USPS and a blockchain-secure voting system patent (Zerohedge).
  9. Honestly, just vote in person – it’s safer than you think (Wired).
  10. Why hasn’t the S&P 500 hit a new high yet? (Fortune).

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