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Tuesday Links

  1. We all suffer if the field is parochial (Duck of Minerva).
  2. Is the U.S. Federal Reserve opening an inflation pandora’s box? (National Interest).
  3. The quiet mastermind: Brent Scowcroft (New Statesman).
  4. How to protect the data on your laptop (Wired).
  5. This was the week American fascism reached a tipping point (Slate).
  6. How will a central bank digital currency advance China’s interests? (CSIS).
  7. Second Acts (Alex Burns’ Research Newsletter).
  8. Chadwick Boseman was the definition of a hero (The Atlantic).
  9. The police are pretty sure they’re going to get away with it (The New Republic).
  10. Worth a thousand words (National Review).

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