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Thursday Links

  1. Tyler Cowen chats with Matt Yglesias (Marginal Revolution).
  2. We are facing a K-shaped economic recovery (CNBC).
  3. The WEIRDest people in the world: a review (Quillette).
  4. Randall Collins’ blog (The Sociological Eye).
  5. Is America a myth? (The New Yorker).
  6. The instant nostalgia of the televised campaign (The New Republic).
  7. Why is the DOJ intervening in E. Jean Carroll’s suit against Trump? (MotherJones).
  8. The incredible shrinking third party voter (Reason).
  9. We sued Betsy DeVos – and won (Southern Poverty Law Center).
  10. How Joe Biden could still lose the US presidential election (New Statesman).

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