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Tuesday Links

  1. How corporations pillaged the free market (The New Republic).
  2. Alexander Vindman: Trump is Putin’s ‘useful idiot’ (The Atlantic).
  3. The schools that didn’t close (The New Yorker).
  4. Is there life on Venus? (Wired).
  5. What does Tenet’s rough run mean for blockbusters? (Vanity Fair).
  6. Yoshihide Suga – Japan’s new leader (CSIS).
  7. Sustaining the undersea advantage (Hudson Institute).
  8. What to know about the Afghan peace talks (Council on Foreign Relations).
  9. U.S. economic growth has not been shared evenly since 1974 (RAND Corporation).
  10. Beating the S&P 500 for 30 years (Ritholtz).

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