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Friday Links

  1. Corporate America and QAnon’s joint mission to let the world burn (The New Republic).
  2. Is Biden blowing it with Latino voters? (Slate).
  3. The Facebook defectors turning Trump’s strategy against him (Wired).
  4. Zoom fatigue and the new ways to party (The New Yorker).
  5. Noam Chomsky: the world is at the most dangerous moment in human history (New Statesman).
  6. Why U.S. wildfires will only get worse (Council on Foreign Relations).
  7. Affirming American leadership: a call to action (CSIS).
  8. The international game theory of vaccines (Marginal Revolution).
  9. The day after: navigating a post-pandemic world (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).
  10. Introducing the RAND space enterprise initiative (RAND Corporation).

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