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Sunday Links

  1. A White House living in denial confronts reality (New York Times).
  2. Could Trump have infected Biden? (The Atlantic).
  3. Electoral chaos might ensue if Biden or Trump is forced out of the race (Slate).
  4. The Covid information war is entering a frightening new phase (Wired).
  5. Covid-19 and the threat within the White House (The New Yorker).
  6. Trump’s history of deception magnifies the chaos of his Covid-19 diagnosis (The New Republic).
  7. Dave Portnoy on the business of sports media (Ritholtz).
  8. Crisis in the Caucasus (New Statesman).
  9. Preparing the workforce for 2030 (CSIS).
  10. Covid-19 diagnosis provides an October surprise (Council on Foreign Relations).

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