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Tuesday Links

  1. How to keep a fall surge from becoming a winter catastrophe (The Atlantic).
  2. We know exactly how Amy Coney Barrett will unravel Roe (Slate).
  3. The all American mind of a militia member (The New Republic).
  4. Trump’s ‘miracle cure’ for Covid is a logistical nightmare (Wired).
  5. Why Facebook can’t fix itself (The New Yorker).
  6. The Trump campaign’s Fauci doublespeak (Vanity Fair).
  7. Why can’t they both lose? (Reason).
  8. Stanley Crouch, 1945-2020 (The Nation).
  9. Private prisons have spent more on this election than any other in history (MotherJones).
  10. Research 4.0: research in the age of automation (Demos).

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