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Monday Links

  1. The vaccine is here. Now for the hard part (The Atlantic).
  2. The American fetish for elderly elites (The New Republic).
  3. Remembering John le Carre (The New Yorker).
  4. I read all 23 John le Carre novels (Slate).
  5. Watch the first COVID-19 shipments leave the warehouse (MotherJones).
  6. Why the EU would prefer a no-deal Brexit to a deal that undermines its social model (New Statesman).
  7. Remote work impact on ending the Great Stagnation? (Marginal Revolution).
  8. Social proof, but of what? (Overcoming Bias).
  9. A new era for U.S. alliances (CSIS).
  10. Why Biden’s climate envoy will matter (Council on Foreign Relations).

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