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Tuesday Links

  1. John le Carre knew England’s secrets (The Atlantic).
  2. John le Carre missed nothing (The New Yorker).
  3. The streaming wars could finally end in 2021 (Wired).
  4. Trump handed a medical pardon to Rudy Giuliani (Slate).
  5. The Electoral College won’t stop the lunatic right (Vanity Fair).
  6. What if scientists already know how to prevent the next pandemic? (The Nation).
  7. Collective action problems with testing and vaccines (Marginal Revolution).
  8. How Biden distributes the vaccine will define his Presidency (The New Republic).
  9. Tiny four-bit computers are all you need now to train AI (MIT Technology Review).
  10. Hollywood still can’t figure out how to adapt The Stand (Reason).

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