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Wednesday Links

  1. Just before COVID-19, American migration hit a 73-year low (Brookings Institution).
  2. How Cyberpunk 2077 sold a promise – and then rigged the system (Wired).
  3. Inelastic demand (Marginal Revolution).
  4. Being a Democrat on China’s doorstep (The Atlantic).
  5. Can America leave this abusive relationship? (Slate).
  6. The year that killed the native mascot (The New Republic).
  7. COVID-19 vaccination: expect the unexpected (RAND Corporation).
  8. Trump’s coup attempt isn’t over (The New Yorker).
  9. What Biden can do to boost the economy without any help from Congress (Reason).
  10. How 2020 shaped US-China relations (Council on Foreign Relations).

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