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Monday Links

  1. MLK/FBI – a powerful new film about Dr Martin Luther King and the FBI.
  2. Capitol siege video from The New Yorker reporter Luke Mogelson.
  3. The Republican plot to rig the 2024 election (The New Republic).
  4. The coronavirus is evolving before our eyes (The Atlantic).
  5. Climate change needs an Operation Warp Speed (Wired).
  6. Karl Rove: Trump more likely to be convicted if Giuliani defends him (Slate).
  7. Economist Tyler Cowen: what I’ve been reading (Marginal Revolution).
  8. Why Trump isn’t a fascist (New Statesman).
  9. What Madison Cawthorn saw at the Insurrection (New York Magazine).
  10. After Trump, is American democracy doomed by populism (Council on Foreign Relations).

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