Research Program

What I’m Reading

  1. Criminal Genius: A Portrait of High-IQ Offenders by James C. Oleson (University of California Press, 2021). Pulp writers like Abraham Merritt popularised the high-IQ criminal mastermind. Oleson’s book is the first empirical, systematic study of the actual reality of who are high-IQ criminals and why.
  2. How Spies Think: Ten Lessons in Intelligence by David Omand (Penguin, 2021). The former head of the United Kingdom’s GCHQ explains intelligence tradecraft to deal with contemporary fake news, misinformation, and disinformation narratives. An excellent primer on how to think with greater clarity.
  3. The Psychology of Social Influence: Modes and Modalities of Shifting Common Sense by Gordon Sammut and Martin W. Bauer (Cambridge University Press, 2021). This book synthesises the social influence literature in social psychology to propose and test a new ‘cyclone’ model. I’m reading this to extend the methodology of my PhD work on possible strategic subcultures in terrorist organisations.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Future of Competence at Work by Jon-Arild Johannessen (Routledge, 2020). Automation may disrupt many workplaces and lead to greater labour alienation. This book is part of my background reading on this topic to be prepared for changes that are already unfolding over the next decade.
  5. Breaking Things At Work: The Luddites Are Right About Why You Hate Your Job by Gavin Mueller (Verso, 2021). The scope of historical and contemporary campaigns to change workplaces and to empower workers versus capital.

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