Research Program

Friday Links

  1. The Pentagon Papers leak.
  2. The one argument conservatives make against every new social program.
  3. Arundhati Roy on capitalism.
  4. Infrastructure spending can save local journalism.
  5. Russia may have found a new way to censor the internet.
  6. What Tyler Cowen has been reading.
  7. Don’t muddy the objectives on fighting domestic extremism.
  8. The Cold War is being rebooted and rebranded.
  9. ‘I never thought China could ever be this dark.’
  10. Social and development impact bonds by the numbers.
Research Program

#ISA2021 Links #3

  1. Assistant Professor Melissa Willard-Foster.
  2. Professor Norrin M. Ripsman.
  3. Professor Deborah Larson.
  4. Professor Jeffrey W. Taliaferro.
  5. Professor Michael C. Desch.
  6. Professor Benny Miller.
  7. Professor Marc Trachtenberg.
  8. Professor Dale Copeland.
  9. Dr Ayse Kaya.
  10. Professor Victor Asal.
Research Program

Thursday Links

  1. The film that jazz deserves.
  2. Brexit and no “domino effect” in Europe.
  3. How Trump wrecked the conservative money machine.
  4. ‘Woke capital’ doesn’t exist.
  5. What led to India’s democratic backsliding?
  6. Lessons from the 2021 World Happiness Report.
  7. Assistant Professor Melissa M. Lee’s homepage.
  8. Crippling Leviathan by Assistant Professor Melissa M. Lee.
  9. Tyler Cowen talks with Dana Gioia.
  10. The triumph of ‘Celine and Julie Go Boating.’
Research Program

#ISA2021 Links #2

  1. Professor Eric Selbin.
  2. Professor Erica Chenoweth.
  3. Professor George Lawson.
  4. Professor David A. Lake.
  5. Associate Professor Jeff Colgan.
  6. Professor Emeritus Philip Cerny.
  7. Dr Neil Renic.
  8. Dr John Emery.
  9. Professor Daniel Drezner.
  10. Professor Henry Farrell.
Research Program

Wednesday Links

  1. A decade of delusion at WeWork.
  2. Philip Roth’s agonising marriage to Claire Bloom.
  3. The 1990s: an age without qualities.
  4. The mysteries of Stephen Hawking’s universe.
  5. How much do we still owe Ernest Hemingway? (Ask Gregory Clark.)
  6. Polarisation isn’t America’s biggest problem – or Facebook’s.
  7. How the IMF can help fuel a global recovery.
  8. From the kibbutz to libertarianism.
  9. Trust in the CDC declined during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Jordan in turmoil.

Research Program

#ISA2021 Links #1

  1. Professor Patrick Porter.
  2. Assistant Professor Joshua Shifrinson.
  3. Associate Professor Jenna Jordan.
  4. Professor Jack Levy.
  5. Associate Professor Jennifer Lind.
  6. Professor Timothy W. Luke.
  7. Professor Ronald J. Deibert.
  8. Professor Jelena Subotic.
  9. Professor Loch Johnson.
  10. Professor Amanda Murdie.
Research Program

Monday Links

  1. Surviving the Xinjiang crackdown.
  2. Fossil fuel companies are job killers.
  3. The people who don’t want to return to normalcy.
  4. Populism without the people.
  5. The best losers in America.
  6. Nobody knows why Syria matters.
  7. A miniature masterpiece.
  8. Measuring racism and discrimination in economic data.
  9. PSAs might prevent foreign disinformation from taking hold.
  10. Does HBO’s QAnon documentary reveal who Q is?
Research Program

Weekend Reading

  1. International Studies Association 2021 Virtual Conference program. I’m looking forward to some great sessions including one on strategic culture featuring new scholars.
  2. Economics 210A – World Economic History syllabus. The COVID-19 pandemic has revived the Malthusian world of population, diseases, and deaths. Professor Gregory Clark’s readings offer historical clarity.
  3. John Goldthorpe interview excerpts. The leading United Kingdom professor on social mobility reflects on his life and sociological research methods.
  4. Unequal Chances or Unequal Abilities TED talk: Professor Gregory Clark speaks on his longitudinal study of surnames and the genotype implications for social mobility.
  5. Why don’t more people go to college? comments: the replies to economist Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution post offer insights into the social class stratification of higher education.
  6. The Academic Job Market Is Fake article: I find it helpful to read contrarian views about the winner-takes-all market in higher education.
  7. Academia Is A Cult TED talk: Karen Kelsky (The Professor Is In) explains how credentialism in higher education creates social stratification in terms of occupation outcomes.

Research Program

Thursday Links

  1. Ian Bogost: what on Earth is Amazon doing?
  2. The haunted imagination of Alfred Hitchcock.
  3. Why computers won’t make themselves smarter.
  4. How Bellingcat unmasked Putin’s assassins.
  5. When illness is invisible.
  6. Teaching in the Age of Corona, one year later.
  7. The anti-pop conservative outrage machine.
  8. Physicists learn to superfreeze antimatter.
  9. The next conservative kingpin.
  10. Georgia’s new anti-voting law.