Research Program

Weekend Reading

  1. International Studies Association 2021 Virtual Conference program. I’m looking forward to some great sessions including one on strategic culture featuring new scholars.
  2. Economics 210A – World Economic History syllabus. The COVID-19 pandemic has revived the Malthusian world of population, diseases, and deaths. Professor Gregory Clark’s readings offer historical clarity.
  3. John Goldthorpe interview excerpts. The leading United Kingdom professor on social mobility reflects on his life and sociological research methods.
  4. Unequal Chances or Unequal Abilities TED talk: Professor Gregory Clark speaks on his longitudinal study of surnames and the genotype implications for social mobility.
  5. Why don’t more people go to college? comments: the replies to economist Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution post offer insights into the social class stratification of higher education.
  6. The Academic Job Market Is Fake article: I find it helpful to read contrarian views about the winner-takes-all market in higher education.
  7. Academia Is A Cult TED talk: Karen Kelsky (The Professor Is In) explains how credentialism in higher education creates social stratification in terms of occupation outcomes.

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