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Tuesday Links

  1. On the microfoundations of macrosociology by sociologist Randall Collins.
  2. Randall Collins blog The Sociological Eye.
  3. Prediction in macrosociology: the case of the Soviet collapse by Randall Collins.
  4. Social structure and social interaction excerpt.
  5. Sociologist Michael Mann.
  6. Sociologist John Goldthorpe on education and social mobility.
  7. In praise of macrosociology: a reply to Goldthorpe by Michael Mann.
  8. Sociological theory and social control.
  9. Macrosociology versus microsociology Khan Academy video.
  10. Current issues in comparative macrosociology by John Goldthorpe.
  11. Sociologist Frank Elwell, author of several excellent books on macrosociology.
  12. Frank Elwell’s glossary of social sciences.

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