Research Program

Tuesday Links

  1. Anthropologist Ronald L. Barrett’s 2002 PhD dissertation Aghor Medicine.
  2. The University of California Press book version of Aghor Medicine.
  3. Barrett’s academic homepage at Macalester College.
  4. Barrett’s ResearchGate page of academic publications.
  5. Barrett’s co-authored book An Unnatural History of Emerging Infections.
  6. Introduction to Medical Anthropology syllabus that uses Barrett’s co-authored textbook.
  7. Barrett’s cultural anthropology class Defence Against the Dark Arts co-taught with author Erik Davis.
  8. Beginning students in advanced mortality.
  9. Plagues: Models and Metaphors in the Human “Struggle” With Disease final report.
  10. An Annotated Guide to Tactics: Carl von Clausewitz’s Theory of the Combat.
  11. The Ministry of the Future: A Crooked Timber Seminar by Henry Farrell (PDF version).
  12. Crooked Timber archives on The Ministry of the Future seminar.

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