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Tuesday Links

  1. Columbia University historian Adam Tooze‘s new book Shutdown: How COVID Shook The World Economy is out today.
  2. Professor Richard A. Slaughter – who I studied Strategic Foresight with in 2002-04 – has a new, free, open source book out today called Deleting Dystopia: Asserting Human Priorities in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism. View an intro and an interview with Professor Slaughter.
  3. The education of a part-time punk.
  4. How to deradicalise your town.
  5. No, low-wage workers aren’t lazy. They’re on strike.
  6. The Government absolutely should not subsidise Elon Musk’s internet venture.
  7. What 9/11 did to the Democratic Party.
  8. Be your own boss: found a co-op.
  9. What’s left of Communism in China?
  10. Reinforcing United States deterrence in the Asia-Pacific after the fall of Afghanistan.
  11. Family ties crucial to coping with the pandemic.

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