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Friday Links

  1. Fellow Disinformation alumnus Roy Christopher has a new, free open access book out called Follow For Now, Vol. 2: Interviews with Friends and Heroes from publisher Punctum Books – RoyC and I have a joint interview with culture and music author Simon Reynolds.
  2. The most important statistic of the Biden Presidency.
  3. Joe Biden’s new world order.
  4. The horror movie whose monster is a COVID denier.
  5. Trump on white supremacists: “my people.”
  6. No, the richest one percent don’t pay 40 percent of taxes.
  7. Alex Tabarrok on Scott Gottlieb’s new COVID-19 book Uncontrolled Spread.
  8. The post-9/11 consensus.
  9. How the fall of the Soviet Union still haunts Ukraine.
  10. Myanmar is a failing state.
  11. The external wealth of nations database.
  12. Prioritise long-range nuclear limits.
  13. Crafting a United States national technology strategy.
  14. It’s time for a wealth tax in Canada.
  15. Vindicating realist internationalism.

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