Research Program

Thursday Links

  1. Russian disinformation campaigns change tack to get around Western defences.
  2. Small retirement accounts: issues and options.
  3. What Germany’s far right has taught us.
  4. Sid Meier and the meaning of Civilization.
  5. How slavery haunts today’s big debates about Federal spending.
  6. Elite biases make policy biases.
  7. How will Europe respond to AUKUS?
  8. The Quad heads to the White House.
  9. Niall Ferguson on September 11 and the future of American history.
  10. New poverty studies book: The Poor Side of Town: And Why We Need It.
  11. Bitter lessons from Afghanistan.
  12. Thanks to economist Tyler Cowen: the new book The Essential UCLA School of Economics.
  13. Bryan Caplan on how Woke is old.
  14. Overreacting to domestic terrorism makes it worse.
  15. Congressional support needed for North Korea policy success.

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