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Friday Links

  1. Afghanistan and the haunting questions of blame.
  2. Earth and the Moon are growing apart.
  3. Australia’s house price boom.
  4. Steven Pinker wishes everyone else would stop being so irrational.
  5. GOP obstructionism is threatening the economy – and banks are freaking out.
  6. Why Ayanna Pressley is fighting.
  7. Historian Niall Ferguson on China’s Evergrande financial crisis.
  8. Why tech billionaires want to leave humanity behind.
  9. A good day for the Fourth Amendment.
  10. American perspectives on veterans.
  11. The Federal Reserve has set up the United States economy for a hard landing.
  12. Getting smart about smart cities.
  13. No deal: House delays infrastructure vote.
  14. Turkey’s drones and proxies are turning the tide of war.
  15. China crypto investors are buying more as Beijing circles.

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