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Friday Links

  1. The Battle of January 6th has just begun.
  2. South Dakota is a moral sewer and should be abolished.
  3. The depths of Trump’s election-stealing mania.
  4. Modest reforms won’t bring United States a Green Revolution.
  5. Suspect might be the best true-crime podcast of the year.
  6. How much slower is remote work?
  7. America is running out of everything.
  8. Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas.
  9. Is COVID-19 shaking up politics in Southeast Asia?
  10. Social and development impact bonds by the numbers.
  11. Libertarian James Bond.
  12. Australian bird of the year 2021.
  13. What’s behind the War on Big Tech?
  14. Information warfare.
  15. Cancelling the Beat Generation.

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