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Friday Links

  1. The Trump Presidency is still an active crime scene.
  2. Will Merrick Garland put Steve Bannon in jail?
  3. Don’t fall into the fame trap.
  4. Rising inflation pierces investor complacency.
  5. Great Power competition and the future of American defence policy.
  6. Antisemitism in Australia.
  7. The truth about Brittany Murphy’s mysterious death.
  8. What the Pandora Papers revealed.
  9. Will the Facebook whistleblower’s testimony spur new United States digital regulation?
  10. China eases mortgages for the rest of the year on Evergrande contagion worries.
  11. Massacred by Islamic State, Yazidis now face Turkish airstrikes.
  12. The largest hack in Twitch’s history.
  13. The future of remote work.
  14. Stripe v Elrond: crypto and the payments system.
  15. The new Dune is the adaptation Frank Herbert’s novel deserves.

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