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Friday Links

  1. Facebook holding company changes its name to Meta.
  2. Richard Metzger reminisces about early Nick Cave.
  3. Ross Douthat and the lyme disease debate.
  4. How Russia stays relevant.
  5. The Pentagon’s public internet fantasy.
  6. Why the FBI loves Mob podcasts.
  7. How to believe ghost stories.
  8. Will Storr on our insatiable appetite for status.
  9. Robin Hanson on how status explains a lot.
  10. To catch a grave robber.
  11. Why is “equity” all the rage in Washington?
  12. What the oil industry still won’t tell us.
  13. War and memory in France and Algeria.
  14. Atlassian shrugged.
  15. Pitchfork doesn’t like Mastadon’s new album Hushed and Grim.

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