Research Program

New Statement on Independent Research Program

An update to my personal academic site:

Independent Research Program (2020-Present)

My independent research program lies at the nexus of strategic studies, terrorism studies, political economy, and social policy. I communicate this via a research program blog and a Substack newsletter. I am interested in meta-theories in biosocial criminology, anomie/strain theory, elite circulation, life history theory, and post-Marxist theory. My research focuses on developing new multilevel frameworks for understanding mesolevel institution dynamics called strategic subcultures. In particular, I focus on how and why strategic subcultures are used for financialisation, status attainment, economic stratification, and social mobilities. I use process tracing, counterfactuals, and qualitative comparative analysis methods to examine cultural transmission, social learning, and folklore mechanisms for status attainment. My independent research program has policy applications in counterterrorism, inequality, social mobility, and social policy.

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