Research Program

Saturday Links

  1. The University of Melbourne’s Professor Tim Lynch on Afghanistan.
  2. Our ability to wander in the digital age.
  3. Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy is granted parole.
  4. Inside the paranoid, highly excitable ecosystem of the vaccine card black market.
  5. ISIS-K explained.
  6. Is the United States allied with the Taliban against ISIS?
  7. Joe Biden can cancel your student loan debt.
  8. Charting mass internal displacement in Afghanistan.
  9. Pakistan and the Taliban: what to know.
  10. 20 years later: the lasting impact of 9/11 on Congress.
Research Program

Monday Links

  1. Life after white-collar crime.
  2. All these simultaneous disasters are messing with our brains.
  3. The war in Afghanistan was a scam.
  4. Have Democrats become the Party of the rich?
  5. Donald Trump’s latest money-making schemes.
  6. The changing nature of entrepreneurship.
  7. Netflix’s latest innovation could be its ruin.
  8. In Afghanistan, the tragic toll of Western delusion.
  9. A democratic spark?
  10. A proposal for long-term COVID-19 control.
Research Program

Friday Links

  1. Inside the JP Morgan bonds scam.
  2. Alex Tabarrok on the Australian lockdown.
  3. The stock market is still weird from GameStop.
  4. Mary L. Trump on Donald’s plot against America.
  5. When they fantasise about killing you, believe them.
  6. How will the coronavirus evolve?
  7. Jamie Spears to finally step down as Britney’s conservator.
  8. Behind the crisis in Lebanon, a vast bank-run Ponzi scheme.
  9. CIA weighs creating special China unit in bid to out-spy Beijing.
  10. Should the U.S. military be less predictable?
Research Program

Wednesday Links

  1. The far-right view on climate politics.
  2. There’s an earthquake coming!
  3. Andrew Cuomo’s absurd dinosaur excuse.
  4. Inside one of Hollywood’s wildest scandals.
  5. How the far right weaponised America’s democratic roots.
  6. Life beyond lockdown and adopted pets.
  7. Applying Machiavellian discourses to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  8. Learning from the War.
  9. Vaccine mandates are more popular than you think.
  10. What’s next for infrastructure?
Research Program

Monday Links

  1. Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC.
  2. Michael Stipe wants to make mistakes.
  3. How much longer can the Olympics survive?
  4. Iran aims to end online freedoms ‘for good’.
  5. How does Amazon end?
  6. What economist Tyler Cowen has been reading.
  7. Joe Biden’s steep climb on Iran nuclear talks.
  8. How much does the U.S. give to the United Nations?
  9. Vaccine mandates gain momentum amid new variant fears.
  10. A rules-based monetary policy.
Research Program

Friday Links

  1. Did last summer’s protests change anything?
  2. Trump is planning a much more respectable coup next time.
  3. The blue wall of silence.
  4. The impossibility of the Tesla tell-all.
  5. How will Deborah Lipstadt define anti-Semitism in the United States?
  6. Is Sky News taking Australia by storm?
  7. Domestic terrorist tactics and targets.
  8. The Taliban’s advance.
  9. (Dis)integrated deterrence?
  10. The FDA is still much too strict.
Research Program

Thursday Links

  1. A near press blackout in Afghanistan.
  2. The diplomats without a country.
  3. Robinhood is now a memestonk.
  4. How the War on Terror undermined American democracy.
  5. Why we are entering a new Great Game.
  6. The most important Act of the last two decades?
  7. What rat empathy may reveal about human compassion.
  8. Corporate taxes in a globalised world.
  9. Guidance for teaching media literacy in schools.
  10. What is swing pricing?
Research Program

Tuesday Links

  1. Against unpaid research work.
  2. The big money behind the big lie.
  3. How the Bobos broke America.
  4. How Democrats screwed up so royally on evictions.
  5. The return of the American wolf hunt.
  6. Can hard drives be recycled?
  7. From Puff Daddy to Diddy to Love.
  8. What sparked historic protests in Cuba.
  9. The long game: China’s grand strategy to displace American order.
  10. Internet of bodies: our connected future.
Research Program

Monday Links

  1. The pandemic enters an uncertain new phase.
  2. Why so many Millennials are obsessed with dogs.
  3. “This is going to change the world.”
  4. Welcome to the rules-based disorder.
  5. Adapt or die.
  6. The dark righteousness of the January 6 riot.
  7. Japan’s population problem.
  8. Rudy Guiliani is close to broke.
  9. What if vaccines don’t really stop the virus from spreading?
  10. The 1970s New Zealand dawn raids.
Research Program

Friday Links

  1. Why managers fear a remote-work future.
  2. The secret source who helped fuel Trump’s big lie.
  3. The importance of Suni Lee’s Gold Medal.
  4. AI systems can be recognised under Australian patent law.
  5. The manga culture that is French fiscal policy.
  6. Donor engagement with Agenda 2030.
  7. U.S. views on the trade and climate policy nexus.
  8. How stable is North Korea?
  9. How to avert disaster in Afghanistan.
  10. The subversive Simone Weil: a review.