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The RBA and the Housing Bubble

One future project that I’ve started to plan out is an extension of my PhD’s strategic subcultures framework to central banks and monetary policy. I note Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe’s comments yesterday:

Speaking at the Australian Financial Review’s Business Summit, Mr Lowe confirmed that the recent rise in house prices across most of the country — to record levels in many areas — had been a topic of discussion at recent RBA board meetings.

In a veiled warning to home buyers, Mr Lowe cautioned that the prospect of lower population growth over the next couple of years could outweigh some of the other factors driving prices higher.

My PhD framework focused on terrorist organisations but I realised in 2018 that aspects of it could be extended to the political economy of central banks, debt markets, hedge funds, and financialisation. My writing model for this project is the historian Adam Tooze.