Research Program

What I’m Reading

  1. Why I Am Not Liberal by Jonathan Bowden (Perth, Australia: Imperium Press, 2020). A transcribed three hour interview from 2009 with the former far right writer, activist and Odinist neopagan, who foreshadowed many of the Alt-Right strategies in 2016.
  2. Marx In Motion: A New Materialist Marx by Thomas Nail (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020). A re-evaluation of Karl Marx drawing on his overlooked PhD dissertation. The book’s introduction clearly explains the different currents of Marxist thought and the post-2008 revival of his metapolitics.
  3. Human Terrain Systems and the Moral Prosecution of Warfare by Dan G. Cox (Didactic Press, 2015). My PhD briefly touched on the HTS debate and the controversial use of military anthropology in Iraq. I’m reading up more on the HTS – this defence situates it in terms of Just War theory.